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Vermont Digital Economy Project

Teaching Digital SkillsCreated by VCRD, with the goal of constructing more resilient communities after the 2011 floods, the Vermont Digital Economy Project is a continuation and expansion of the work performed by e-Vermont. This Project offers free support that will speed flood recovery, spur economic development and job growth, and improve community resilience to disasters. The project is delivering digital tools and services to towns across Vermont.

Expanding the use of online resources has benefits far beyond emergency management. Downtown businesses, service providers, farmers, and the tourism industry will find opportunities to reach new audiences and markets. At the same time, the social fabric of our communities will get stronger as neighbors share local online conversations. Through this project, businesses will improve their bottom line, while government and nonprofit organizations develop ways to deliver services more effectively. Rural Vermont communities have tremendous opportunities to develop as centers of cultural and economic creativity in the digital age. The Digital Economy Project supports this innovation and through its services promotes the future vitality and prosperity of Vermont.

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