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Making Rural Towns More Vibrant:

Through a number of different initiatives and programs, the Vermont Council on Rural Development helps to foster community and build local capacity.

Community Visits:

Community Visits allow towns to come together to plan local actions that make their towns more vibrant. Find out how your town can get involved.

Climate Economy Initiative:

In 2015, the VT Climate Change Economy Council will build a bold action plan to create jobs and boost prosperity while reducing carbon impacts and advancing efficiencies.

Join the Working Landscape Partnership:

Add your name to the growing list of folks who support Vermont's Farm and Forest future.

Food Systems:

The VT Higher Education Food Systems Consortium is designing new ways to collaborate, share students and resources and expand a plethora of elective opportunities for place-based food systems education where “Vermont is our classroom.”

What's New at VCRD

Craftsbury Community to Set Priorities for Action on October 20th
All members of the Craftsbury Community are invited to participate in the second phase of the Vermont Council on Rural Development’s (VCRD) Community Visit to the Town of Craftsbury. The meeting, to be held on Tuesday, October 20th 6:30 – 9:00pm at... read more
What's Next for VT's Climate Change Economy? Brattleboro Forum to Identify Next Steps - October 6 2015
Area businesses and nonprofits are addressing climate change - both its challenges and opportunities. Their creative solutions are a growing part of our state's economy. What are your experiences? Do you have ideas that can help nurture this sector... read more
Craftsbury Community Visit Day - September 22 2015
On Tuesday, September 22nd 2015, all members of the Craftsbury community are invited to participate in a series of forums in town to share their concerns and ideas. VCRD will bring a team of federal, state, business, nonprofit, and philanthropic... read more
Video ~ PEG-TV show about the Climate Economy Forum in Rutland, August 26th
A public forum in Rutland on August 26th 2015 (7-9pm, Paramount Theatre) will discuss "What’s Next For VT’s Climate Change Economy?" Host Tom Donahue interviews Paul Costello (Executive Director, Vermont Council on Rural Development) and Joe Fusco (... read more
What's Next for VT's Climate Change Economy? Join the Statewide Conversation!
In February 2015, VCRD launched the Vermont Climate Change Economy Council, a group of business and policy leaders who will convene over the course of 2015 to frame a bold platform of action to advance Vermont's Climate Change Economy.  Beginning... read more